It is one the Iranian machine manufacturing companies leaders in the field of
manufacturing industrial machineries and process.
Its quality goals describes as follows and also revises periodically:
* Enhancing quality and continues improvement in product to increasing the effectiveness of quality
management system and market share, in order to compete with other competitors.
* Earning trustworthiness in customers to improving their satisfaction via providing
their on-time and properly services.
* Promoting and improving the staff's knowledge, skills and abilities as the main important
investment of Company by the way of different trainings and creating suitable working environment.
* Utilizing high technology also optimizing resource to improving the efficiency.
* Increasing quality actives by group work.
* Considering R&D actives as a long term investment and moving towards satisfying the foreign
and domestic markets.
For those, Pillevaran Co. has chosen standard ISO 2001: 2000 as its pattern and structure of
quality management.
Also Pillevaran, requested all staff ' s corporations to follow the quality management standards
of the Company.